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#Tip: Use the Banjo app as a journalism search tool

We’ve recommended the Banjo app (for Android and iOS) in the past.

The free location-based app encourages you to connect your social networks, and you then can see which of your connections are nearby. You can also search cities to see what your social media contacts, their connections and other Banjo users are tweeting and sharing in those locations.


Banjo was a app of the week just over a year ago, and before that journalism site 10,000 Words has described how a reporter used it to locate people at a shopping mall where there had been a reported bomb scare.

Banjo also has a handy filter function that allows you to search your social media posts sent near you for a keyword. The top right image filters for the term “journalist” in posts sent close to Hackney, London. The search shows the word was used in two recent social media posts and is in 48 profiles.

Yesterday The Next Web reported that there are now 4 million Banjo users, and highlighted algorithm updates.

Today’s tip is to try Banjo if you do not yet use it. It could come in useful when trying to find someone at a particular location when you are working on a news story.

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