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#Tip of the day for journalists: Patch in a colleague to record your Skype call

January 21st, 2013Posted by in Top tips for journalists


Here is a solution for any journalist wanting to record a Skype interview when on a device that does not have a call recorder: phone a friend.

It is something my colleague Rachel McAthy and I found the need for last week.

If you do not have a call recorder but you know someone who has, you can patch that person in on a three-way call and they can record the call for you.

If you are the person recording the call, you will need to mute your Skype. This means you can carry on working while your computer is recording – and it ensures the sound of typing is not recorded (see mute button option in the screenshot below).

This three-way recording solution will also work for a phone interview. The interviewer can use Skype patch the person who has a call recorder, then, using pre-bought Skype credit, can call the interviewee by phone.



At we use Call Recorder to record Skype calls ($19.95). It gives us broadcast-quality audio for our weekly podcast and allows us to record calls if we want to check quotes later.

We use Macs by there are call recorder options for PCs. Here are five options.


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