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#Tip of the day for journalists: Consider getting interviewees to press record

December 18th, 2012Posted by in Mobile, Top tips for journalists

Image by John.Karakatsanis on Flickr. Some rights reserved

If you have ever tried to find a way of recording a phonecall from your iPhone, you will know that there is no easy solution.

One way is to record the call to voicemail, an option that only allows for short recordings and does not enable you to ask for permission before hitting record. Another possibility is iPadio (for a guide see this link), but this makes the raw interview publicly accessible, gives a phoneline-quality recording, and again does not allow you to ask for permission before recording. The last time I tested there were no apps that solved the problem satisfactorily (do leave a comment below if you know of a solution or email me).

Update: See the comment from Mark from iPadio below

Here is a simple solution for getting a quality recording as tried and tested by US radio journalist Neal Augenstein, who we have reported on previously as he ditched other recording kit in favour of his iPad and iPhone.

In this post Augenstein explains that he now gets interviewees to record themselves on their own phone (while speaking to him from a second mobile phone or landline) and then asks them to email over the audio.

Interviewees could also record using QuickTime (file / ‘new audio recording’) on a Mac or Microsoft’s Sound Recorder.

Read Augenstein’s post to find out how interviewees can record on their phone and email you the file.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to us at email us using this link.

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  • ipadio

    Sarah, Mark from – actually you can make all recordings private on ipadio – you just login to your account and set up under channel details. Also if you make the call to the interviewee first – then call ipadio and ‘merge calls’ (be careful here – carriers don’t necessarily set conference calling up as a default on an iPhone) you can tell them you are recording them (which you should do as a matter of course/law anyway). Whilst we make not a penny piece from this functionality we have around a thousand new iPhone resgistrations a week doing just this! Mark

  • Sarah Marshall

    Thanks! I missed that option. That’s *really* useful. I’ll try it out as I can imagine it is something I’ll use regularly

  • ipadio

    Thanks Sarah – just so you know – when you login to your
    account head to the ‘channel details’ tab. In there make sure you check the boxes to ‘no’ on ‘show broadcasts on public broadcast listing page’ and click ‘yes’ to ‘hide public channel page’

    For added certainty click ‘yes’ to ‘Moderate this channel’
    and add your own e-mail address as the moderator. Then when your interview is complete and processed we’ll e-mail you and the audio cannot go live in any way unless you want it to.

    But as I say we make no money out of this (actually we even stand the cost of the freephone numbers abroad as well….) so don’t tell anyone ;-)

    Happy Xmas, M

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