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#Tip: ScribbleLive launches internal chat feature to help journalists communicate

Image by Wiertz Sebastien on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Earlier this week liveblogging platform ScribbleLive announced the launch of a new internal chat feature within its software which enables journalists working on a liveblog to directly communicate and share multimedia privately.

In a post announcing the feature ScribbleLive said it “eliminates the need for content creators to be in the same room or on the same email thread”.

We caught up with ScribbleLive chief executive Michael De Monte who said the feature was “one of the most requested features we’ve had from our customers”.

What it allows our customers to do is basically consult back and forth about what kind of content to publish, when to publish it and all of this is basically a private channel for them to speak to each other.

People can create content from multiple locations, in fact from multiple places around the world and multiple devices, so we decided to incorporate this feature to allow them to have an ability to say, for example, ‘hey are you going to get that photo from such-and-such, and can you publish it as soon as you have it available’, and you can have this private conversation that is not exposed to the real world.

Even if you happen to be in the same city or perhaps even in the same office, not necessarily sitting beside each other, it’s just a really great way to say ‘ok well why don’t you take care of moderation now and I’m going to go and look for some more images on x, y and z’ and that way you don’t have to have a secondary application running.

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