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#Tip of the day for journalists: Watch Storyful’s Hangout on verifying Sandy footage

If you are interested in learning more about verification, particularly around how user-generated video footage of Hurricane Sandy was verified, there is a Google+ Hangout later today that you should watch.

Social news agency Storyful, which verifies images and videos shared on social media and sends them to news outlet clients, is hosting a Google+ Hangout at 4.30pm today (10 December).

The Storyful blog explains why it is taking place and who is participating.

One month on [from Sandy], Storyful is hosting a Live to Air Google Hangout to discuss what happened during Sandy, the continued challenges faced by journalists trying to verify content in real-time, and the possibilities offered by technology during a big news event.

The panel includes:

Adam Blenford, journalist, BBC (US Bureau)

Liz Heron, social media director, Wall Street Journal

Aine Kerr, politics editor, Storyful

Tom Phillips, international editor at MSN UK and runs

Craig Silverman, editor of Regret the Error on

Paul Watson, chief technical officer, Storyful

The discussion will be moderated by Dr Claire Wardle, director of news services at Storyful, and will be held in front of a live audience at Google HQ Dublin. Students from New York’s Columbia Journalism School and a number of Dublin journalism programmes will also be joining the Hangout.

Storyful has prepared a short video which gives you a sense of the verification process.

Link to the Hangout:

Catch up later:

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