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#Tip of the day for journalists: Read these job application tips

November 30th, 2012Posted by in Top tips for journalists, Training

The Online News Association has compiled a list of advice from key news industry figures in the kind of information recruiters are looking for in a job application.

For example, Meredith Artley, vice-president and managing editor, CNN Digital, urges journalists to research the company they are applying to work for.

She says:

Lots of people have the skills these days — the ones that so often rise to the top are the ones who prove they are listening, watching and reading what you are doing.

For thoughts on the kind of skills journalists now need, it is also worth reading this summary of an essay by C.W. AndersonEmily Bell and Clay Shirky.

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University published Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present earlier this week.

The Knight Center reports on the key findings:

“In a networked world, the ability to inform, entertain and respond to feedback intelligently is a journalistic skill,” according to the report. This means that post-industrial journalists need to leverage their “charisma” to build a following on social networks like Twitter while rooting their reputation in accountability and integrity.

“Working between the crowd and the algorithm in the information ecosystem is where a journalist is able to have the most effect,” the report said.

Post-industrial journalists will be expected to have specialised knowledge and greater technical aptitude than traditional reporters. “These skills can be summarized as an ability to recognise, rather, evaluate and display new forms of journalistic evidence,” described the report. These new forms of evidence include data sets, tweets, and amateur video.


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