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#Tip of the day for journalists: Using Facebook to find stories

Storyful, a service that partners with media companies to aggregate and verify news from social networks, has a guide to Facebook for journalists.

The blog post by editor Fiona McCann explains how journalists can use Facebook’s own search facility, and recommends a tool for anyone who is not logged into a Facebook account.

The post explains how to search public posts by ‘group’, ‘people’ and ‘pages’ within Facebook, and shows how to click on ‘see more results’ to bring up “a host of search filters”.

McCann also recommends Open Status Search [formerly known as Open Facebook Search] and has another great tip:

Open Status Search also offers a ‘get embed code’ button which offers the easily-copied html code for embedding a particular search on your own site, with options to customise width, height and number of search items displayed.

Read the full Storyful blog post.

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