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#Podcast – How news publishers are branching out into the ebook market

September 21st, 2012Posted by in Mobile, Podcast
Image by<a title="Flickr" href="" target="_blank"> kodomut on Flickr</a>. <a href="" target="_blank">Some rights reserved</a>.

Image by kodomut on Flickr. Creative commons licence. Some rights reserved

A number of news publishers have started to offer ebooks alongside their usual output, with content varying from original works produced especially for that platform, to collections of content offering a packaged reading experience, such as based on an overall theme or event.

In this week’s podcast, editor Rachel McAthy speaks to three people who have entered the ebook market. The podcast looks at their approaches, and some of the lessons learnt so far.

The podcast hears from:

  • Martin Belam, principal consultant at Emblem
  • Michael Wolf, a vice president at GigaOM
  • Daniel Ionescu, managing editor of The Lincolnite

Here is some background reading and information on some of the topics covered in the podcast

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