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#Tip of the day from – try an advanced Twitter search using SocialBro

Twitter management tool SocialBro has an advanced search facility that could be particularly helpful for journalists.

SocialBro offers a pro account or there’s a free Chrome web app.

This helpful post on SocialBro’s advanced search syntax is worth a read. Here is an explainer and a few of the commands:

In SocialBro, the Advanced Search Syntax can be very useful and powerful to search with different criteria. In the search box in the top navigation bar, you can combine your search in different ways. For example, if you are searching your community for people who are from Boston and London and have in their bio Marketing or Social, you have to write the following:

Here I have carried out a sample search for people with “journalist” in their bio who are from London.

So, the basic rules for the Advanced Syntax are:

- All characters without spaces.

- The sign + means “OR”

- The sign – means “NOT”

- Double quotes mean you are searching an exact phrase, like “social media”.

- For Name searches write: name:_____

- For Bio searches write: bio:_____

- For Location searches write: location:_____

The full post is at this link.

Tipster: Sarah Marshall

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