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#Tip of the day from – how to get started as a multimedia journalist

August 30th, 2012Posted by in Top tips for journalists

On the Online Journalism Blog, Paul Bradshaw has posted advice for anyone thinking of getting into multimedia journalism.

It is worth reading the full post, which includes tips on tutorials such as:

There are thousands of resources online to get you started, from Vimeo’s Video School and YouTube’s Playbook to the BBC College’s resources and Mindy McAdams’s collection on audio and video production.

YouTube has tons of tutorials on pretty much any skill you might want to tackle, but there are also text resources such as The Society of Professional Journalists’ Digital Media Handbook Part 1 (PDF) and Part 2 which cover mapping and data visualisation, among other useful techniques, and the Knight Digital Media Center’s extensive tutorials.

For photography there’s this free book on DSLR Cinematography, while videographers can choose between this ebook (PDF) by Adam Westbrook on multimedia production and ImageJunkies’s free ebook on news and documentary filmmaking.

Paul Bradshaw and Adam Westbrook are among the trainers leading one-day training courses in multimedia journalism skills for Find out about our short courses at this link.

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