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#Podcast – Tumblr lessons from NME and The Times

July 20th, 2012Posted by in Podcast, Social media and blogging

News outlets have been experimenting with Tumblr blogs for the past two or three years.

One of the first to try a Tumblr was Newsweek. In 2008 the title’s projects editor, Mark Coatney, was attracted by the average age of Tumblr users being 24; at that time the average age of the Newsweek reader was 57.

Two years ago Tumblr offered Coatney a job and he became the platform’s media outreach director.

In this podcast we hear from Coatney and we find out how NME, which launched a Tumblr blog a year ago, and The Times, which a month ago started an “experimental” Tumblr blog to showcase picks from its opinion columnists, are using Tumblr.

Tumblr and the two titles share their seven tips for news outlets tempted to try a Tumblr blog.

This podcast hears from:

  • Mark Coatney, media outreach director, Tumblr
  • Luke Lewis, editor,
  • James Dean, online opinion editor, The Times

It’s worth noting that the NME was named “website of the year” and won an award for the best use of social media at last night’s AOP awards.

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