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#Tip of the day from – verifying videos and images from social media

July 16th, 2012Posted by in Top tips for journalists

Mark Little, chief executive and founder of Storyful, a social news agency, has written for Nieman on harnessing “the wisdom of the crowd“.

He shares the editorial processes that guide Storyful in verifying videos and images from social media.

Here is the first of two checklists followed by the editorial team:

  • Can we geo-locate this footage? Are there any landmarks that allow us to verify the location via Google Maps or Wikimapia?
  • Are streetscapes similar to geo-located photos on Panoramio or Google Street View?
  • Do weather conditions correspond with reports on that day?
  • Are shadows consistent with the reported time of day?
  • Do vehicle registration plates or traffic signs indicate the country or state?
  • Do accents or dialects heard in a video tell us the location?
  • Does it jibe with other imagery people are uploading from this location?
  • Does the video reflect events as reported on Storyful’s curated Twitter lists or by local news sources?

It is well worth reading the rest of the article as there is a second checklist.

Tipster: Sarah Marshall

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