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App of the week: 360 Panorama, for ‘multilayered storytelling’

July 4th, 2012Posted by in App of the Week, Photography

App of the week: 360 Panorama

Phones: iPhone, iPad, Android

Cost: £0.69

What is it? An app to take panorama photos

How is it of use to journalists? Speaking at the Guardian Activate Summit last week, Wall Street Journal social media editor Neal Mann (@fieldproducer on Twitter) spoke about the potential for the role of “multilayered storytelling” in journalism.

He used the example of how long-form journalism could be accompanied by an additional “layer” of a map showing the location where tweets were posted and photos were taken, as Mann did when sharing updates on a recent trip to Burkina Faso. He also said how journalists are starting to share “background” to the story such as 360 degree panoramas.

If you want to try this out there’s a fantastic app for that. Using the 360 app, simply point the camera and your phone will automatically take a series of pictures and stitch them together in real-time.


The app also allows you to add comments and show the location where the panorama picture was taken.

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