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App of the week for journalists: CoveritLive

June 13th, 2012Posted by in App of the Week

App of the week: CoveritLive

Devices: iPhone/iPad, Android

Cost: Free

What is it? An app that allows you to liveblog using the CoveritLive liveblogging platform

Nominated by: @chitchatjourno,

How is it of use to journalists? CoveritLive has been around for a while as a liveblogging platform. It started life at the same time as ScribbleLive and has been joined this year by Ocqur and Gen Live Desk, both newcomers in offering liveblogging tools.

CoveritLive, which recently switched to a paid-only service, is regularly used by journalists, whether reporting from events, elections or conferences.


The app, which allows you to add text, photos, audio and video, also allows you to manage comments from readers of the liveblog and add and filter tweets. has used CoveritLive to cover our news:rewired digital journalism events. We’ve found it works well to use the app in conjunction with a laptop, typing in updates and using the app to post photos, video and audio.

In nominating the app, @ChitChatJourno said:

It’s great for when you want to interact with people live. You can also link your Twitter to the app which makes it great to promote yourself as well.

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  • Aram Zucker-Scharff

    If it uses a paid-only service to function, how is it free?

  • pete

    Yes – this is anything but free. Please revise this review.

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