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App of the week for journalists: Topwrite

May 16th, 2012Posted by in App of the Week

App of the week: Topwrite

Phones: iPhone

Cost: £0.69

What is it? Topwrite allows you to write your message first and then decide whether to send it in an email, as SMS, post to Facebook or Twitter


How is it of use to journalists? Topwrite was created by a former journalist Jon Silk to create a “fast, no nonsense tool”.

I was walking down the street and thought of something I wanted to text my wife, so I hit the ‘messages’ app and started typing. Then I realised I wanted to share it more widely on Twitter and Facebook. By the time I’d copied and pasted and found the apps and logged in I’d a) got to where I was going and b) nearly walked into two lamposts in the process.

I wanted something easy to find (like a bright orange app icon in the top right of my home screen) that I could just hit and start typing. I wanted to worry about where to send my message after I’d typed it.

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