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#Tip of the day from – embed a photo slideshow using Pinterest

Before leaving WalesOnline to edit the Daily Post in North Wales last month, Alison Gow blogged about how the “limitations” of their current CMS inspired a workaround with digital journalist Gareth Rogers coming up with the idea of using Pinterest to showcase photos.

It may seem like a small thing, but when you’ve got images that the reader would want to see in more detail (or an infographic, for example) it can be somewhat restrictive.

Anyway, Gareth came up with a clever workaround (necessity really is the mother of invention) to show off a series of fashion photos from the Aintree race meet – he pinned the images to our Piinterest news board, and then embedded them back on the site. Now, when you click on the image, it opens, large-scale, in a new tab.

Tipster: Sarah Marshall

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