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#jpod – Google microsurveys: Lessons from the Texas Tribune and Adweek

April 5th, 2012Posted by in Podcast

Google announced last week that it had partnered with a number of US publishers, promising revenue-generating opportunities for online news organisations.

When a reader lands on the site they will see a box containing a question. By answering that question, which is being asked on behalf of a market research company, the reader earns $0.10 for Google, $0.05 of which the internet giant gives to the publisher.

In this podcast I speak to representatives from two US publishers that have adopted microsurveys: the Texas Tribune, which added microsurveys in August 2011, and Adweek, which adopted them last week.

  • April Hinkle, chief revenue officer at the Texas Tribune, which launched in 2009, explains how much revenue Google microsurveys generate each month.
  • Doug Ferguson, general manager of digital at Adweek, tells us how the site is using the surveys.
  • Patrick Smith, editor and chief analyst of, explains why data collection is important for publishers.
  • John Barnes, managing director of the technology and digital division at Incisive Media and chairman of the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), explains what type of surveys and data collection methods could be most valuable to UK B2B and B2C publishers.

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