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App of the week for journalists: Tweetbot

App of the week: Tweetbot

Operating systems: iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch)

Cost: £1.99

What is it and how is it of use to journalists? If you are a Twitter-using journalist with an iPhone, this app is a must.

It is a cut above the rest as it has some really handy functionality that is absent in many other Twitter apps.

Tweetbot takes settings from the Twitter app on your phone, making for a quick set up for those with multiple accounts.

One of the really useful things for journalists is the ability to follow various lists as you mine for stories (as shown in the picture on the left). If you have found that your Twitter stream is too busy, lists are the best way of filtering.

You can also see conversations and retweets. By sweeping a tweet to the right you can see the full exchange of tweets.

The app has various customisable buttons and tap actions. For example, you can configure triple tap to reply to, favourite, retweet, or even translate a tweet.

Other gestures worth learning are double tapping on a tweet, link, or avatar which takes you to the respective details, and tapping and holding, which gives you options to share. This includes options to read it later (for example by syncing with Instapaper or another service) and to copy a tweet,  particularly helpful if you are using a timeline from one account and want to tweet from another.

Reviews: It gets 4.5 stars in iTunes App Store.

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