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App of the week for journalists: Zite

App of the week: Zite

Operating systems: Apple: iPhone or iPad

Cost: Free

What is it and how is it of use to journalists? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of RSS feeds, tweets with links to articles and other social media sources you are tasked with checking, download Zite.

Released first as a personalised magazine for iPad, an iPhone app was launched not long before Christmas and offers a fantastic way of finding stories you may have missed.

Zite mashes together your Twitter, Google Reader and Read It Later feeds and delivers posts around your subject area.

Not only does Zite surface posts you may miss using Twitter and RSS, it is intelligent and allows your to teach it exactly what you like and don’t like via thumbs up, thumbs down buttons displayed on the story.

Zite will automatically work out your niche interests, which appear as categories along the top of the iPhone app and can be swiped through.

You can, of course, share to Twitter, email, Facebook and other services, including Evernote and Pinboard.

Zite’s advantage could also be its downside: it only delivers a handful of stories rather than many every minute as Twitter does (presuming you are following lots of sources). To some this may be a disadvantage, to others they will enjoy reading the manageable amount of interesting posts the app unearths.

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  • Mark Johnson

    We’re honored to be the App of the Week for Journalists! One thing I’d like to note is that you can add lots of categories to your Zite, which allows you to research a topic or market as you’re writing a story. For example, my Zite contains categories as disparate as: Astronomy, Chess, Nanotech, Sociology, and Whisky. Enjoy!

    -Mark Johnson, CEO, Zite

  • Coleman Foley

    Trapit (disclosure: I work there) is a lot like Zite, but it is available on more platforms and allows following a greater variety of topics. Trapit can be used on any device with a web browser and can be used to follow any topic.

    Try it at

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