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App of the week for journalists – Showcase, for creating audio slideshows

November 23rd, 2011Posted by in App of the Week, Mobile, Multimedia

App of the week: Showcase

Operating systems: Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

Cost: £5.49

What is it and how is it of use to journalists? Showcase allows you to record audio or import audio and photos to create an audio slideshow.

The app is made by Vericorder, maker of mobile journalism products and the people behind 1st Video and VC Audio Pro, both previous apps of the week.

Showcase enables you to use audio or photographs already on your iOS device or take photos and record audio. You can then edit them together and export the video file in a variety of sizes over a wireless network, upload it directly to YouTube or email the file.


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  • craig

    Looks like a great app – but doesn’t seem to be in the store anymore.

  • Sarah Marshall

    I only downloaded it a week or so. I couldn’t see it in the app store when I searched from my desktop but came across it while searching on my phone. Try searching the app store from your handset.


  • Kirk Symons

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m sorry to say that we recently decided to pull Showcase from the App Store, because it was not fully compatible with iOS 5 and it would have required a major re-write to bring it up to date.

    We just released a new video App called Voddio, which has the ability to produce richer slideshows, with Titling and Transitions, as well as full video projects. Its available as a free download for people to try it out, but you will need to unlock the Sending and Sharing functions, though In-App Purchase, in order to export your files.

    We have integrated our new VeriSend service in this App, which allows you to reliably send large media files directly from your iPhone over WiFi or cellular networks. When you unlock the Sending features, we give you a free, basic account with VeriSend, so you can try that out as well.


    Kirk Symons, CTO
    VeriCorder Technology

  • Sarah Marshall

    Thanks Kirk.
    I’m about to download Voddio….

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