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App of the week for journalists – VC Audio Pro, a must-have for radio journalists

App of the week: VC Audio Pro

Operating systems: Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

Cost: £3.99

What is it and how is it of use to journalists? VC Audio Pro is a powerful app that enables you to record, edit in multitrack and share audio.

It is made by VeriCorder, the creator of a really useful video editing app, and is a must-have app for any broadcast journalist or podcaster with an iPhone.

If you are familiar with multitrack editing on a computer you will need to spend 10 minutes getting used to pinching and grabbing audio using a small screen. The iPad is no doubt a better suited size to this type of editing but the usefulness of having a recording and editing app on your phone makes it worth learning the commands.

One great feature of this editing app is the ability to share audio directly to SoundCloud, which you can do as a private or public file. If you want to transfer audio to your computer you can do this providing your phone, iPod or iPad is on the same wifi network as your computer. Files under 10MB can be emailed.

You can also import music and audio such as production files (e.g. jingles/beds) stored in iTunes on your device.

In addition to this app, there is also a networks edition which radio stations and newsrooms can sign-up to and users then benefit from additional options such as uploading audio to secure FTP.

Reviews: It gets four stars in iTunes App Store

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