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#Tip of the day from – a mobile media toolkit for smartphone reporting

August 26th, 2011Posted by in Mobile, Top tips for journalists

Take a look at the mobile media toolkit,a project of There are lots of useful blog posts, case studies and tips on using your mobile phone as a reporting tool, such as learning how to record, edit and share audio reports with others.

The about us page explains more:

The proliferation of mobiles has greatly increased the number and capabilities of citizen reporters, but questions remain about the role of citizen reporting. The public is consuming more and more information on mobile phones, but media organisations need to learn how best to disseminate their content and reach out to the mobile market.

This is where the Mobile Media Toolkit comes in. There are many media projects that use mobiles effectively. There are also many tools and resources that can serve the potential needs of journalists, citizen reporters, and media organisations. The Mobile Media Toolkit is a collection of these tools and resources, as well as examples of how mobile phones can be and are being used in the media industry.

Tipster: Sarah Marshall

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