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#Tip of the day from – Seven steps for building an online community

Poynter has a seven step guide for building an effective community management plan. Community managers are recommended to:

  1. Define goals (10,000 Words also has some tips to help you establish social media metrics);
  2. Profile your target community. Satirical website the Onion has detailed its audience here. Poynter’s seven steps post recommends brainstorming ideas of who your target community will be;
  3. Identify influencers and key people with a large social media following;
  4. Create social media-friendly content. Poynter gives the example of linking to other sites than your own so you become a trusted source;
  5. Optimise content for sharing. The post discusses share buttons and encourages you to think about headline writing;
  6. Create interaction guidelines. Poynter recommends giving some thought to this and keeping a note of issues as they arise;
  7. Monitor the community, then improve. The post suggests tools such as Tweetdeck and learning on the job.

The full post is at this link.

Tipster: Sarah Marshall

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