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App of the week for Journalists: DropSync for Android – syncs with DropBox

August 10th, 2011Posted by in App of the Week

Last week’s app of the week was Evernote, allowing you to share documents between devices. This week’s app is new service DropSync, which works with Dropbox, a hugely popular syncing and sharing service for files, photos and video used by more than 25 million people.

App of the week: DropSync

Operating systems: Android

But iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and web app users should take note of this wide range of apps that work with Dropbox, especially DropVox, an audio recorder for iPad and iPhone.

Cost: free / pro version is £3.47

What is it and how is it of use to journalists? DropSync is a newly released app that allows you to sync and update files in your Dropbox folder using your Android phone or tablet.

Dropbox is a cloud file storage system which can be installed on multiple computers or accessed via a web browser. It means you can work on files at home and at work without needing to transfer to a memory stick, Google Docs or email. A 2GB account is free. Group accounts are also available.

Reviews: DropSync gets 4.3 starts in the Android Market

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  • Stephan Vegelien

    How is DropSync different or better (for journalists) than Dropbox’s own app? Reading the description in the Market, I see that it automatically syncs all files on the Android device with your Dropbox too. Is that the advantage that makes it app of the week?

  • Grady S

    …or you could just use SugarSync. It’s Android app does almost all of what DropSync does very well (aside from syncing with DropBox) and works awesome with photos on your native camera. SugarSync also gives you 5GB of free storage. Its a better DropBox alternative IMHO.

  • Sarah Marshall

    Hi Stephen
    You can edit text in synced documents with DropSync whereas Dropbox just allows you to view.

  • Sarah Marshall

    Apologies for referring to you as Stephen.

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