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#Tip of the day from – A great iPhone app to record and edit audio

BBC 5 Live’s reporter in Yorkshire, Nick Garnett, has blogged on the BBC College of Journalism site about two different iPhone apps he uses: one for pre-recorded phone interviews, the other for live broadcasts. He explains how the high quality of the iPhone has resulted in him ditching more cumbersome technology in favour of the device in his pocket.

He recommends 1stVideo, available for the iPhone 3GS onwards as a free version or a £5.99 one, for recording interviews and multi-track editing. The live broadcast app looks impressive and he reports on its reliability but this one is more pricey at £239.99.

1stVideo lets you record on three separate tracks and create a mixed package with crossfades and equalised audio levels. You can then mix it down to a new, final version that can be emailed in to base.

The editor is non-destructive – that’s to say, you don’t delete the bits you don’t want: you save the bits that you do. You create a package by saving off the good bits of audio, compiling them together, cross-fading them, and finally saving the newly created version. It takes a little while to work out how to work it – there’s a fear that fat fingers on an iPhone won’t work properly – but with a little zooming in and out you quickly get the hang of it.

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